Puppy Teething Guide

Pet teething

We all adore a pup. Do you know how tiresome it is to take care of a pup? It is as difficult as taking care of a human baby, or maybe more than that. Teething, while growing up, is one of the challenging phases of a pup’s growth and development. In our previous blog, we have seen stages of growth and development of a puppy.

Puppy teeth when they enter the adulthood stage of their life. This transition makes them suffer through irritation and soreness. It makes your puppy chew, anything they catch on. They might end up chewing your furniture or clothes. It frustrates them and their pet parents.

Here, we will guide you to take care of your pet while teething.

As pet parents, we need to be patient with our children while they are in discomfort. They might irritate you. But you must shower as much as love you can.

When do puppy teeth?

Puppy teeth twice like human babies. They get new teeth in weeks 2 – 3 after birth. The second round of teething happens in the 4th month after their birth. During this teething round, they enter adulthood.

Symptoms of teething

  1. Drooling – As new teeth are emerging, it is very much discomforting for them. It might tingle in their gums or causing pain.
  2. Blood – You might see blood on their toys or their teeth.
  3. Chewing – He might want to chew anything he catches on
  4. Fever and swollen gums  – he might have a slight fever and swollen gums. This might make him eat slowly or less.

Puppy teething duration

In the second round of teething, will go on until 6 months. Their milk teeth need to be gone away by 6 months. If not, you must get it removed from your vet and also check your dog’s other teeth.

How to help your puppy while teething?

  1. Inspect your pet’s teeth and make them familiarized with oral hygiene chore.
  2. Providing chewing toys, teething toys, and chewing food treats will ease your child’s discomfort.

Chewing toys

A teething puppy has the urge to chew. Providing some safe chew toys like soft rubber and plastic dental rings will help him soothe. These toys are exclusively made for puppy’s teething. This eases their pain to some extent and restricts them from chewing other household items. 

Frozen toys

We provide frozen teethers to human babies to ease their teething discomfort. Likewise, frozen toys are available for teething pets. These toys relieve pain and they are an anytime better option than ice cubes. 

How to keep teething puppy away from chewing on household things.

  1. Keep everything at its place, help you save your important things. 
  2. You can reserve enough area for your puppy to roam around in the particular place of your house. 
  3. Don’t leave him alone as he might end up chewing anything they can. Sofa, bean bag, cushions, and many more.  
  4. While chewing on anything, the pup might swallow something hazardous. 

Things to avoid while puppy teeth?

  1. Leaving him alone will be dangerous. 
  2. Overloading with frozen food treats to soothe the pain will make your pup overweight. 

What’s next?

Now when your pup has a set of teeth. You need to take complete care of his dental hygiene. Ask your vet’s suggestion to brush his teeth. Also, ask him to suggest good quality toothpaste and type of brush as per your pup’s oral need.

Don’t get panic and try home remedies. Instead, take them to the vet whenever needed. We wish you Happy teething!

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