How to Keep Your Pet Safe And Happy This Diwali?

How to Keep Your Pet Safe And Happy This Diwali?

‘Diwali’ is the season of love and merriment, but it can bring your dog anxiety and health issues. A new pet parent or an experienced one stresses over keeping their pets happy and safe during Diwali. 

save pets this diwali

Here we have some tips to make your pet’s Diwali safe and happy. 

Keep a first aid kit handy -If you are planning to go out with your pet on Diwali. Make sure you are carrying a first aid kit for any mishap that can occur. 

Take a vet appointment – Take a vet apportionment before the fest starts. Consult and understand how to take care of your pet during the season. Also, let your dog have a shot to reduce the anxiety issues. 

Get an id tag – We know roads are so lively during Diwali that there are chances of your pets to get misplaced in the crowd. Get an id tag for them with the contact number and address written. 

Keep them indoors – It is wise to keep your pet indoors. Taking them out frequently increases the chances of many health-related issues as they get more exposed to loud noises and hazardous smoke.

Increase the play and fun – While keeping them indoors, it is an uphill task to deviate their mind from the loud noises. Getting more exciting toys and having fun together will keep them engaged and happy. 

Day time walks – Being indoors for a long time itself can also be an invitation to health issues. Thus you can take them out during the day. When there is less crowd outside and bursting of crackers. You can also take them to gardens, podiums, or terraces if they are more prone to health issues.

Less exposure to noise and smoke – Try best to keep them away from loud noises and smoke. Keep windows and doors shut. Make a comfortable environment for them while they are indoors. 

Don’t leave them alone at home – Leaving pets alone at home during Diwali can be very dangerous. It will cause them serious stress and anxiety. Instead, try to make them part of your celebration. 

Extra love and attention – Remember your pet needs extra love and attention to be happy and safe. Spend more time comforting and playing with them. Give them enough water. Try giving them treats to keep themselves happy. It will also reduce their stress.

Let’s swear to make this Diwali safe and happy for every human and animal on the Earth.

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