How to Keep Pets Fit at Home

We know that COVID-19 has created havoc outside. It has affected us in every aspect of our life directly or indirectly. Our daily routine has been disturbed quite a lot. We pet parents are looking for ways to keep our pets fit and engaged inside. Here we have listed down some ways to keep your pet physically fit at home. 

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  1. Avoid Junk Food – Avoid giving all those extra snacks and treats to your pet. It is one of the real causes of overweight or obese dogs. Overweight dogs are more prone to serious issues like heart, liver, and joint problems. 
  1. Provide a proper diet – A nutritious diet is a key to the long life of dogs. They become healthy in real terms, less sick, and more active. Healthy diets keep most of the diseases at bay. 
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  1. Counting calories – If you as a pet parent want to be very particular about what your pet eats to be fit. You can count their calories. Just counting calories won’t be enough. You must consult a vet and get to know what nutrients and how much calories are needed for your pet. Then you can count calories to maintain their weight and fitness. 
  1. Games cum exercise – Exercise with a healthy diet is a perfect combination for a fit pet. But exercise sometimes can be boring for your dogs just like they are for us. We can always be innovative and fun when it comes to exercise. Games like hide and seek, fetch, and even climbing stairs can be fun sometimes. Food hunting games like hiding treats in a place and let them find and have it is an exciting task to bring out their natural behavioral capacity. 
  1. Treadmills – Yes, treadmills can be used for dog’s indoor exercise. Though you have to be very careful in the initial stages. But once your dog gets used to it. You can increase the speed. It will be more challenging for him. You can buy dog treadmills which are meant to acquire less space. It is one of the wonderful ways to exercise indoors.
  1. Agility – We know it has to be performed outside. But you can give it a try on your terraces. It’s wonderful if you have the agility equipment or you can create one at home with an empty carton or ‘Hoola loops’
  1. Swimming – Let it be dogs or humans swimming is one of the best exercises. Your house may not have a swimming pool. But you can always buy a portable PVC pool. Swimming utilizes all their muscles, front and hind legs. It keeps your dog engaged and relaxed for a while. 
  2. Canine conditioning classes – It’s a quite good activity to practice while the COVID – 19 risks are around. You can enroll your pet in online Canine conditioning classes. It is a way of exercising to improve muscle mass, strength, fitness, and flexibility.

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