"Put Our Pets At The Center Of Everything We Do."

For over a decade, ABK Imports Pvt. Ltd. has become a trusted name in Pet Care & Grooming. When it comes to pets, no one understands their needs better than we do. We offer a wide range products for pet grooming, training, hygiene, accessories, food, toys, cages & kennels, medical equipment & more. Not just that we make sure that our customers & clients get their orders on time. Our teams work constantly to make your experience with us as easy as possible.

Who We Are

We Love Your Pet, Just as You Do!


Incorporated in July of 2010, ABK’s vision was clear from the outset: “Put Our Pets At The Center Of Everything We Do.” This attitude comes from a place of love for animals that everyone in ABK feels deeply about. It is a common thread that brings us closer to our clients, customers and of course, their pets. It is because of our close relationships with people and businesses we work with, that we have been able to develop trust among across India.

Our team constantly looks for new opportunities to make the lives of pets and pet parents more comfortable. Be it dogs, cats, birds, hamsters or guinea pigs, we have solutions for all of them. With over 1,000 products under our umbrella, you are sure to find anything & everything your pets need.


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Dog Collars, Leads & Harness

Collar & leash training is a critical aspect of puppy obedience and development. You know you can control your dog with a simple command and it will understand and adhere.



Dog Training/Puppy Items

Training a puppy or a new dog doesn’t have to be too difficult. All you need is time, patience & some tools to make it all easy!


Dog Transport & Bowls

Every now & then we want to take our dogs out for an adventure with us. We want them to experience the same things we do.


Dog Treats

Treats are a form of expression of our love towards our pets. But they are also something our furry companions have to earn. As much as our furkids need love, care and attention they also need to be trained and disciplined.



Dog/Cat Shampoos & Conditioners

What shampoo to get for your pet can be a complex subject since there is a lot to consider. Questions like will it harm my dog’s/cat’s fur? Is it good enough to clean muddy dogs? Does human shampoo work on pet’s too? While most shampoos made for humans must not be used on our pets




Dog/Cat Health, Hygiene & Repellents

We’ve all heard the saying: “A healthy pet is a happy pet!” But sometimes keeping pets healthy is a challenge sometimes, since their curiosity can lead them to palces where they get something they shouldn’t.




Dog/Cat Beds

Now that you’ve got a new kitten and a pup, where are you going to let them sleep? A good pet-parent always makes special arrangements for their new kids. From caves to baskets and donuts, we have whatever you pet prefers to sleep on or sleep in.





Cats are amazing pets to have around the house. They tend to be independent and don’t need too much human intervention. That said, cats love their parents and are more than willing to spend time with them playing and love them for that.




Animal Grooming

Welcome, to abkgrooming.com! Here, you will find everything you will need: Carefully selected, high quality pet grooming products, especially designed keeping canine & feline fur coat types in mind, which are ideal for regular grooming. However, if you want your dogs and cats to stand out, you will be interested in some of our pet friendly cosmetic products.We haven’t forgotten professional groomers and veterinarians, of course. We have essential items every grooming spa & salon and a veterinary clinic will need. A varied collection of Cage Systems, High-performance Dryers, Bathing Tubs, Grooming as well as Operation Table. And of course, aspiring groomers and academies can choose the model dogs on which to practice grooming.




Small Animals & Other Pets

It isn’t just cats and dogs we keep as pets. We also love to keep rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice and also birds as our beloved family members.



Dog Toys

Perhaps the most underrated aspects of puppy development – Toys. The goal here is for the dog to learn while both you and your dog enjoy yourselves.


Coat Care, Trimmers & Clippers

Just like their humans, pet’s skin and coat health
must be taken care off. More so, because their
skins are more susceptible to infection and
illnesses. By just maintaining general hygiene it
is more than possible to keep your pets’ coat
healthy & happy.


Choose How You Want Us to Care for Your Pet!


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